Camera Captures Man’s Incredible Nighttime Routine With His Dog

Dog; José Paulo Da Silva and his wife rescued Lola from the streets two years ago, and since then her life has been full of fun and laughter. Since the sweet little dog has been with the couple, happiness abounds at home, all thanks to her jokes spiritual.

Their days are filled with fun games and activities, but that doesn’t mean that once night falls the nonsense ends.

José Paulo told The Dodo:

“Lola loves to play. She destroyed a lot of things, but we love her. »


Instagram/ jps_lolaa.mariaa

As soon as night falls and Lola sees that her parents are about to go to sleep, she does her best to put things on a whole new level. She climbs into their bed and begins to spin around, causing them to play with her to get her back.

José Paulo assures him:

“She does it every day.”

But fortunately for his parents, these play sessions only take a few minutes and they can then continue with their nightly routine. And Lola loves what follows the play, as soon as her parents are resting, the sweet young girl comes to join them to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Jose Paulo says:

“She waits for us to fall asleep, then she gets into our bed. »

Living with a dog that has the energy of Lola means knowing that you always have to be on the lookout for mischief. The life of José Paulo and his wife is now always full of fun, even when they go to sleep.

Facebook/Jps Lolaa Mariaa

Finally, José Paulo said:

“She is so happy, always ready to play. It’s hard to imagine a better time to spend time together.”

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