can you find the cat in less than 7 seconds? 97% failed

The less time you have to solve a visual test, the more difficult it is, of course. This is also what makes the challenge more attractive. The objective will be to find the cat in the illustration that we offer you in this article. Only 3% of people managed to do it in 7 seconds. It’s your turn ! Thanks to our colleagues from Tekpolis for sharing this riddle.

Visual test: do you like cats?

Before you start the visual test, we like to give you tips for taking care of your brain and your mental health. Indeed, for this, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It sounds simple said like that, but these are completely logical things. Sleep well, eat well, exercise and be happy! To give you a boost, we will reveal the foods you absolutely must incorporate into your routine to improve your cognitive abilities, your concentration and your general well-being. Indeed, some scientists have asked the question and help you stay healthy as long as possible.

Food is our best ally to take care of our brain

In 2019, in a study published in the journal JAMA, we learned that a Mediterranean diet and true serenity were the perfect combination. Indeed, stress is not at all good for your neurons. As you will have understood, what you consume acts on your brain.

For example, omega 3 and nutrients have a very positive impact on the brain system. The minerals (zinc and magnesium) act on your state of mind. Finally, some vitamins are important, such as B12 which promotes the production of serotonin… All this allows you to reduce the depressive states that we can all feel at times, improves your brain skills (memory, attention, concentration) and fights against neurological patients (alzheimer).

Discover the seven foods to urgently incorporate into your daily diet.

  • Seafood as well as oily fish that contain a lot of omega 3. (sardines, mackerel, salmon)
  • When cooking, think of spices. Do not hesitate to test, replace salt and turmeric is a food widely used in some countries.
  • Seeds and dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts…
  • Dark chocolate: from 70% or 80%. The darker the better! So, avoid white or milk chocolate!

Feed your brain the way it deserves!

  • Colorful fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins. We can never say it enough, but limit your animal protein intake and increase your vegetable intake.
  • Salad which is an excellent source of fibre. Plus, you have tons of strains available, so indulge yourself. For once, without moderation!
  • Fermented foods: kimchi, yogurt, kefir, kombucha.

Check out the visual test image: Who’s the odd one out in this crowd?

In addition to diet, doing one eye test a day can be a good way to train your brain to think and focus. This is the way to keep it operational as long as possible. Besides, it’s fun. Just like children who learn by playing. The goal of today’s game is to find the cat hiding in the picture among the crowd of human heads. Is it time to look meticulously and show great attention?

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Here is the solution of the visual test! Not so obvious is it?

If you succeeded, you have an exceptional brain. If not, don’t panic, just practice a little every day. See you at the next visual test! Thanks again to our colleagues at Tekpolis for sharing this riddle. And do not hesitate to visit their site to make many others.

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