Can you find the error in less than 8 seconds?

A new psychological test where you have to see precisely what escapes logic in the image of the bear with the penguins.

This is the graphic where it appears to be the North Pole, with penguins and a polar bear in the center staring at each other. Everything suggests that they meet each other without any problem during their journey on the ice through the sea. However, there is a very serious error that you must meet in record time: you have only eight seconds to raise the challenge.

If you didn’t get an answer within the given seconds, you can find the full walkthrough (with image) of the challenge below. The idea is that you give your best in the face of any adversity and receive the corresponding feedback so that on the next attempt you know the pros and cons to overcome. any test. Without further ado, good luck with the challenge.



Find the error in the image? Why does the polar bear have something strange? Is everything in order? If you failed to pass the test within seven seconds, you have failed. It’s not worth catching it after time runs out. However, as mentioned above, you will have the complete solution to reproduce the way you look at the images.

It turns out that according to geographical and historical knowledge, by nature, polar bears are found at the North Pole, but penguins live at the South Pole. It was a question of logic or wonder: If we say it’s at the North Pole, what are the penguins doing there? . Don’t worry, you have at least some acquired knowledge to fuel the conversation.


Don’t forget to share it with your friends or family so that you can enjoy more visual challenges and relax your mind from the daily stresses that living beings experience. Good luck for the next opportunity.


It is a series of activities, which can cover different topics, such as mathematics, puzzles, the relationship of objects, among others.

The aim is to arouse people’s interest in finding answers in a fun way, as well as allowing us to put into practice basic knowledge that we have learned at some point in our lives.


Logic puzzles are pastimes or games of finding the solution of a riddle, discovering the hidden meaning of a sentence only by intuition and reasoning. It is not by virtue of possessing certain knowledge.

Polar bear

The difference with riddles is that they pose the riddle in the form of a rhyme and are generally intended for a child audience. They are most often used in a humorous way.

Also, a riddle is a riddle that comes in the form of a game and requires insight to find an adequate solution.

They can have different structures, some have a rhyme, others, on the contrary, focus on establishing a logical problem that requires skill and analysis for successful resolution.

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