Canine competition: dogs on the trail of missing persons in Champniers

The principle is simple: a person voluntarily gets lost over a distance of 2km. Four hours later, the dog must find her.

What is Utility Search? This is the search for missing persons, a discipline that is part of the canine activities of the Société centrale canine. 10 handler-dog pairs will set off, for a period of about an hour and a quarter, to different sites around Angoulême.

Five hidden objects in nature

“The principle is simple, a person voluntarily gets lost over a distance of 2 km in both rural and urban areas. Four hours later, the dog, thanks to his sense of smell, must, following the same path, find her and identify her.” specifies Nathalie Martial, the president of the club briaud. During his wandering, the person sought took paths, paths, meadows, pastures, hamlets, villages and any space of living places, dropping five objects in nature, two deposited, two buried and one in height. At the end of its path, it hides and waits for the dog to discover it thanks to these olfactory clues.

Hervé Guichard, official judge, and a commissioner, in this case Christine Labrocherie from the Briaud club, who knows the route of the track and the location of the objects, follow the dog from a distance. The judge ensures the regularity of the progress of the test and, according to the results, grants a mention or not on his work book. The result of this weekend’s Coupe de France will determine a classification with a number of points. These points accumulated with those of the year will establish the classification of the national championship. The results will be announced this Sunday, April 10 around 6 p.m. at the Paul-Dambier hall in Champniers.

“It is a pity that the Region, the Department and GrandAngoulême refused to grant us financial aid for the organization of this major national event, on the pretext that it did not come under Youth and Sports because our activity depends on the Ministry of Agriculture”, laments Christine Labrocherie, before adding: “Fortunately, around twenty donors, merchants and artisans supported us with their financial aid. The town hall of Brie participates in the rental of the village hall of Champniers, that of Brie in works cannot receive us ».

A challenge for the 35 volunteers who have been working for months to ensure the success of this event. The trackers will be on the ground from 3 am, the drivers ready to transport the teams, in parallel with a lot of preparation work in the kitchen for the reception and the presentation of the awards.

Christine Labrocherie and her dog Alois are looking for a missing person.

Christine Labrocherie and her dog Alois are looking for a missing person.

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