Canvassing in insurance – Victory against toxic practices! – President’s ticket

While disputes related to cold calling, particularly in insurance, do not weaken in a context of crises, conducive to the use of anxiety-provoking arguments, I welcome the forthcoming entry into force of a Decree which constitutes a concrete progress for consumers.

Telephone canvassing is a real scourge, especially in the insurance sector. Undermining the peace of mind of consumers, this sales technique invariably leads to a flawed commercial relationship since the information given orally by the canvasser is often incomplete, even inaccurate.

While the claims recorded with our network of local associations continue to grow in 2022, the situation could change. From April 1, at the instigation of UFC-Que Choisir, insurance brokers will be required to record their telephone conversations. This salutary measure will allow regulators (ACPR, DGCCRF, DDPP) to penalize breaches of three key measures resulting from an agreement with the Financial Sector Advisory Committee, which are now enshrined in law, namely the ban on calling back a consumer who does not is not interested, the obligation to provide the pre-contractual documentation 24 hours before signing and the banishment of the oral subscription of a contract (reading of an SMS code, repetition of a sentence), source of very many diversions.

If I am delighted with this victory, I cannot bring myself to see the public authorities remaining in the middle of the ford… This progress remains indeed sectoral. However, many sectors resort to intrusive and untimely canvassing and the UFC-Que Choisir pleads in particular within the framework of its 22 measures for responsible consumption carried out on the occasion of the presidential election, for the establishment of a genuine right to peace of mind with the introduction of a default ban on cold calling (opt in system) as exists for text messages and emails. This system has proven itself elsewhere in Europe. Given the dangerous link between canvassing and consumer disputes, what is the executive waiting for to hang up permanently with bad practices?

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