Carte Vitale: Beware of this fake Health Insurance email, it’s a scam

The crooks pose as health insurance and send an email inviting them to order a new Vitale card (illustration).  (Pixabay/fancycrave1)

The crooks pose as health insurance and send an email inviting them to order a new Vitale card (illustration). (Pixabay/fancycrave1)

A new phishing email attempt has been uncovered. It concerns the order of a new Vitale card. Health Insurance confirms that it is indeed a scam.

An attempted scam by email is currently circulating. Crooks in particular pretend to be health insurance and send messages inviting them to order a new Vitale card. However, this campaign does not exist. However, everything is done to persuade the victims, with the use of official logos for example. Several people who received this email contacted

60 million consumers


At the end of January 2022, the public interest group Action contre la cybermalveillance (Acyma) had already noticed an increase in this type of scam at the renewal of the Vitale card.

Identity theft and fraudulent direct debits

The creators of these phishing attempts, or phishing, thus hope to recover the personal and banking data of the victims. Health insurance, the real one, never asks ”

to confirm your identity and bank card number to send you your Vitale card”


assures Acyma in a tweet

. The stolen data can then be used in the context of identity theft or for bank withdrawals.

The National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf) would also be affected. The organization again warned on February 4, 2022 against a fake email which invited them to fill out a form in order to receive inflation compensation.

Avoid getting tricked

To avoid being tricked, a few simple methods exist. You must first check the sender’s e-mail address. In messages viewed by

60 Million consumers

the sending addresses were or, enough to betray the scammers.

By passing the cursor over the link sent by email, it is also possible to realize that it does not refer to an official site.


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