Cat caught crying after losing two kittens

A moving video on TikTok tells the story of Channel, a female cat who was caught crying over the loss of her kittens.

A video shared recently on TikTok left thousands of netizens emotional as the footage showed the heartbreaking scene of an adorable cat whose babies had died hours before.

Bonnie Kira, the pet sitter uploaded this video to Facebook and shared the footage. We can see how the cat sheds a few tears while keeping her eyes closed and completely still.

As expected, this emotional scene did not go unnoticed and was the subject of all kinds of comments. Thousands of Internet users on Tik Tok and other social networks have declared identified with pain of this animal, and therefore did not hesitate to give some advice to its owner to make the cat feel better.

“Adopt a kitten to care for as if it were her own, so she’ll feel better”, “What a beautiful cat, I hope he recovers in time”.

These are some of the comments recorded in this videowhich has reached over 500,000 views on Facebook and TikTok.

To the delight of thousands of Facebook users, the owner of the small channel responded to some comments and mentioned that she would do everything possible to make her pussy happy again.

Here is the moving video of the crying cat:

This video is very sad, even upsetting.

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