Catalan mountain: the mobilization is growing to “save” the Eyne deer

Where is the case of the deer of Eyne? The animal, which has become too familiar and disturbing for some, could be put down. The testimonies accumulate in his favor while the mobilization is growing to save the animal.

For months, a deer, an eight horns has taken up residence in the gardens of the houses of the resort of Eyne. The one who has become the mascot of the place, goes from garden to garden. In the mountains, nothing exceptional about that, cohabitation with deer is part of everyday life.

But it’s not everyone’s opinion, a couple from Eynois are annoyed by the actions of a deer who allegedly decapitated some brand new geraniums. Did they try to scare it away and the surprised animal lowered the antlers in a gesture of defence? Still, a complaint to the town hall ensued and the mayor Alain Bousquet, to seize “the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), the only authority, along with the prefecture, to process files on wildlife and the hunting park. We never talked about slaughter.

What about deer behavior? Eynois, accustomed to visits from the animal and who are worried about the fate of the one who is now called, Mr. Deer, testify. Pascale Lopvet: “This deer has been in the station for a while, he is peaceful. He reminds me of the magnificent 10 horns that we saw during the whole confinement and who was killed while lying quietly under a grove. We don’t want it to start again. He is not threatening, we let him pass in the garden next door. Where is the problem ? I’ve lived here for 14 years and I’ve seen deer and stags pass by for 14 years. If it were necessary to seize the administration each time!“Even the gendarmes posted a message about the familiarity of the animal, who came to visit them during an intervention!

The familiar deer in the resort of Eyne

The deer in the gardens of Eyne

The deer in the gardens of Eyne

The deer has a peaceful character, which does not take away the unpredictable side of the wild animal

The deer has a peaceful character, which does not take away the unpredictable side of the wild animal

A demonstration in support of the deer

For Françoise Maggia: “this story takes on incredible proportions, all that for three flowers and eaten leaves! This deer, I see it often and it is never threatening. Those who say that voluntarily discredit him and do not hide it. Many photograph him, give him a few carrots, which certainly should not be done. I think that the town hall should inform the inhabitants, permanent or secondary residents, to adopt the right gestures in the face of deer approaching houses.

Rémy Arsento of the OFB explains: “With the mayor, we will take all the time to deal with this file and see the different solutions that could be implemented for this individual and possibly find a socially acceptable solution.

At the initiative of Mathilde Manya, a petition to save the deer, now closed, has collected more than 4700 signatures. The local association for the defense of animals Pil Poils and its president Bruno Marsily, are also opposed to a radical solution for this deer.

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A demonstration is planned this Saturday, April 16 at 10:30 a.m. in front of the town hall of Eyne in favor of Monsieur de Cerf.

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