How did an orca end up in the Seine?

To everyone’s surprise, an orca is currently wandering in the Seine. The animal was spotted by five tugboats from Le Havre a week ago, near the Normandy bridge. The scene was even filmed. The presence of this killer whale has been observed to Barneville-sur-Seine, in the Eure, 20km from Rouen. The Cotentin cetacean study group … Read more

her diagnosis leaves her speechless

Bothered by her dog’s farts Worried about her dog who had a lot of flatulence, a woman decided to take him to the vet. What she discovered was a real shock. It is obvious, the farts emitted by our animals are not necessarily very pleasant on a daily basis, especially if they become too present. … Read more

The incredible sighting of an orca in the Seine

For several days, an orca has been coming and going in the Seine, between Honfleur and Tancarville. A very surprising phenomenon, according to experts. Already, in April, another cetacean had been seen in the English Channel, a place where it is very unusual to see these marine mammals, explains 76actu. An unusual sight The killer … Read more