scratch in the heart for the little Annapurna cat

Annapurina One Of What Remains of Edith Finch at The Artful Escape through the essential Kentucky Route ZeroAnnapurna Interactive has imposed itself in a few years as one of the most exciting publishers in the video game world. Beyond knowing how to support extremely varied projects, there is in the company’s policy the sincere desire … Read more

Quetigny. Malicious acts, accidents or simple chance? Several disappearances of cats that worry

“A lot of cats seem to be disappearing in Quetigny”, alarmed a surfer in early July on a Facebook group dedicated to Quetigny people. “It repeats itself, it’s weird,” worries another. In the Fontaine-aux-Fleurs district, Delphine Boucherot, a 42-year-old childcare nurse and Mélodie Garnier, a 34-year-old hairdresser, are looking for their cats who disappeared almost … Read more

“We no longer know where to put them” The city of Compiègne launches with the SPA a poster campaign against the abandonment of animals

A poster campaign to raise awareness against the abandonment of pets is led by the town hall of Compiègne in partnership with the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). This latest alert on the large number of cats they welcome. The town hall of Compiègne in the Oise has joined forces with the SPA … Read more

The touching video of a cat who saves a baby left unattended on the road

The scene went viral on the social network Twitter. In the sequence filmed by a driver’s dash camera, a baby can be seen walking dangerously on all fours on the roadway. Until a tomcat shows up and springs into action. © El Chiki / Video capture Cats also show an amazing protective instinct. Several videos … Read more

Kitten rescued from bridge by cops is offered a home with one of them

A young tabby female found herself in a very bad position. Fortunately, she got the help she needed. The good Samaritans immediately took a liking to this little ball of fur. © Louisiana State Police/Facebook On Saturday June 25, 2022, residents of the parish of Jefferson in the state of Louisiana to United Statescontacted the … Read more