These cats react in a funny way when they meet a newborn baby for the first time (video)

Published on 27/10/2022 at 08:05 The behavior of our feline friends sometimes leaves us confused. Recently, a surfer captured the moment her 3 cats had their first meeting with the newborn in the house, and their reactions surprised more than one! © threecatsandababy1 / TikTok brigette is the proud owner of 3 felines whose adventures … Read more

Cats understand you when you’re gaga

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on ScienceAlert In the face of the adoration they are given, cats have the annoying tendency to be very (very) not very expressive. But are they real? A study published on Animal Cognition and highlighted by ScienceAlert rejects any kind of ignorance. On the contrary, the owners would be … Read more

A visually impaired cat wakes up its deaf in a cute and touching video

A cat with deafness can count on the unfailing support of its friend, another cat with a disability too. The latter is visually impaired and has made it his mission to wake his friend when the meal arrives. © westcoastcdn19/Reddit The friendship and cooperation that can exist between the animals gives rise to extremely touching … Read more