Caussade Free Cats, 62 stray cats cared for

The association Les Chats Libres de Caussade et du pays caussadais, created in 2018, strives to ensure that stray cats in the territory are not completely left to fend for themselves. During the annual general meeting, which was held on Tuesday at Récollets, the chairman Gaëlle Mateudi stated that the association had 22 members. In its activity report, it specified that during the year 62 stray cats had been cared for, sterilized and identified by “30 million friends” and the town hall of Caussade. Eleven cats were brought to the veterinarian Dr. Desmet to receive care in addition to the care provided directly by the association’s members. Thanks to donations collected throughout the year, ten official feeding stations have been set up in different corners of the city.

Committed partnerships

Two partnerships with the supermarkets Intermarché Monteils and Super U Caussade made it possible to collect 1,339 kg of kibble, 530 kg of pâté, 664 l of waste and more than €160 of cleaned products. In the new year, the association will continue its policy of sterilization and identification with 30 million friends and provide for stray cats with the help of the municipal subsidy. “On the other hand, we will participate in the events that will present themselves as, for example, a collection with the dealers in Caussade, and we will continue the Caddy operation with the supermarkets” added the president, who on this occasion presented the new 2023 calendar to Free Chats of Caussade offered for sale at a price of €5. Birth places should be developed in Caussade and other municipalities. Anyone who wants to join the association is welcome. The annual membership fee is €15. For further information on the association of free cats of Caussade and the land of Caussade.

Contact the manager Gaëlle Mateudi by phone on 07 68 68 17 06 or by e-mail:

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