CBD: a formidable substance for better sleep and boosting libido?

If specialists are not unanimous about the benefits of CBD, the uses are increasingly documented. Reputed to be effective against anxiety, to boost libido or to help athletes recover, cannabidiol is increasingly adopted by the French to limit sleep disorders.

Does CBD promote sleep? According to a survey conducted by the CBD brand Yogah*, taking cannabidiol helps you sleep better. In total, “8 out of 10 CBD consumers notice a marked improvement in their sleep”, specifies the study.

To carry out their study, the specialists interviewed a panel of 500 adult CBD consumers in February.

86% of respondents suffer from sleep disorders, reveals the survey carried out by the CBD brand Yogah among its users. Insomnia, somnambulism or even sleep apnea disturb their rest. Poor sleep can have consequences on the quality of daily life. “95% of respondents say that these disorders spoil their daily life”, notes the study.

“Lack of sleep disrupts physical, psychological and cognitive balance and generates undesirable and harmful side effects on quality of life and health,” the study presents. After a truncated rest, “little sleepers” may notice mental fatigue, characterized by “a decrease in concentration, impaired vigilance, lack of energy”. There may also be mood disturbances and fatigue. Health effects can also be felt. Poor sleep leads to a “weakening of the immune system: various infections”, specifies the study. Finally, the metabolism may be disrupted, leading to “overweight, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure…”

Effective CBD or placebo effect?

In terms of use, consumers prefer taking it in the form of oil (for 83% of respondents). For optimal use, the Toulouse brand recommends putting a few drops of oil under the tongue for one minute, about an hour before going to sleep.

For the moment, science has not yet decided. “The universe of the molecule remains above all very driven by user testimonials”, explains medical cannabis specialist and patient-expert Pascal Douek in the columns of Madame Figaro. But research is beginning to multiply. According to an American study published in January 2022 and conducted by 2,704 people aged 21 or over, CBD would reduce anxiety, sleep better and improve well-being.

*Yogah internal survey, on a panel of 500 consumers.

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