CEGEP graduates one step closer to the Chartered Insurance Professional designation

The measure was requested, it is now a reality: insurance graduates from general and vocational colleges (cégeps) will be able to be granted four credits from the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) of the’Insurance Institute of Canada.

The only condition: they must have passed a qualification exam. After this step, these graduates will earn the credential by pursuing the other six courses in the program.

The Institute’s qualifying exam assesses insurance knowledge and ensures it meets the same standards as the four core courses in the CIP program, explains Michel Lacellegeneral manager of theDamage Insurance Institute of Quebec.

This openness should motivate this audience to earn the CIP designation which is of great value to employers in the industry, he says.

The four credited courses are:

  • C11 – Principles and practice of insurance;
  • C12 – Property Insurance (Quebec);
  • C13 – Civil Liability Insurance – Part 1;
  • C14 – Automobile Insurance – Part 1 (Quebec).

The Institute explains the details on its website.

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