Cévennes: Naya, this beautiful Siberian husky, awarded at the agricultural show

Naya, a female dog from Ribautes-les-Tavernes, was awarded at the last agricultural show.

Her full name is Naya of Nashkaïa. 54 cm tall, this beautiful 5-year-old Siberian husky is the pride of her owner couple: Adeline Jourdes and Mickaël Arnac. At the last agricultural show, she rose to second place on the podium of the most beautiful female dogs in France in her category at the general agricultural competition. A truly “consecration” and an “pride” for her masters, who have presented her to many canine beauty contests since she was 4 months old.

The passion of the dog

However, Adeline Jourdes and Mickaël Arnac, 30 and 33, are neither breeders nor work in the animal world. “By trade, I’m a forklift driver!”, specifies Mickaël Arnac. His partner works in a bank branch north of Alès. Five years ago, Mickaël decided to buy a Siberian husky. “It was a childhood dream! They are my favorite dogs.” After much research, he went to Sandrine Langlais, breeder of Siberian huskys in the Hérault, thanks to whom he found the quality he was looking for.

In the long run, a friendship is woven between the breeder and her client, who gets caught up in dog competitions. “Sandrine was already doing a lot. And, without really wanting it, it was she who transmitted this virus to me.”

“Learning that it was going to be presented at the show was a nice cherry”

Result: Naya connects on average two dog shows per month almost everywhere in France. Competitions where we note his appearance, the beauty of his coat, and even the quality of his teeth. In 2021, she won a first Grail by winning the national breeding competition in her breed category.

It was this last success that then opened the door for him to the general agricultural competition for the first time. Knowing that my dog ​​was one of the most beautiful dogs in the country was great. But then to learn that it was going to be presented at the show, it was a beautiful cherry !From these different competitions, Mickaël Arnac and Adeline Jourdes bring back nothing but trophies and recognition. There is no money involved. On the contrary, it costs us a real budget to do all that. But when we love !And it will continue: at the end of April, she participates in the French championship in Villepinte. She also participates in the Monegasque championship at the beginning of May.

Pampering and complete care

To achieve this level of presence, Mickaël admits to not having any major secret: “Just good food in good quantities, cuddles and sports!” We add to this the long moments of grooming before each competition. Moments that she now shares with her peers. Mickaël Arnac has two other huskies in addition to Naya: her own brother, and her daughter, whom she got from a first litter of puppies.

Soon snow champion?

This Gard husky is not only awarded in beauty contests. “When a husky doesn’t exert himself enough, he lets it be known!”, has fun saying his master. In parallel to dog shows, Mickaël Arnac lets Naya run as a sled dog. “I do this with a friend who lives in Sélestat (Bas-Rhin, NDRL) and driving sled dogs.”

This year, Naya has already won two races in the discipline. At the end of March, weather permitting, it will be at the start of a third race on the tracks of La Bresse, in the Vosges.

The whole family will go up there to support her, given the importance of the event in their eyes. “If she finishes this last race fast enough, she will be crowned French champion!” A challenge that Mickaël is already preparing with her: “As at home, there’s a lack of snow, we do caniVTT. And it’s already quite rocking for its form!”

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