Champagne-sur-Seine. She allegedly threw four puppies in a trash can

The young of this wasted dog were discovered in a container
The young of this wasted dog were discovered in a container (©Stéphane Lamart Association)

A dog owner appeared before the Criminal Court of Fontainebleau for throwing four live puppies in trash. She would also have locked two others in a plastic bag, stored in the garage of her home, at Champagne-sur-Seine.


The facts took place on April 22, 2020. It was a local resident who had discovered the newborns who were wriggling and moaning in the container, in the parking lot of her residence.

The national police were immediately notified and went to the scene. Thanks to an invoice found in the garbage bag, the investigators easily found the mistress of these animals abandoned to their fate. One of them will die the day after the discovery.

At the suspect’s, the mother, of the Groenendaels Belgian Shepherd breed, was found. Thin, she weighed 19 kilos instead of 26 kilos. She had worms and was covered in fleas.


The Stéphane Lamart Association filed complaint for acts of cruelty, abandonment of puppies and mistreatment of the dog. She asked the prosecution to recover the animals which were entrusted to a host family from the Nargis refuge (Loiret).

“This is not the first litter born in this house and we can ask ourselves questions about the intention of the masters who undoubtedly wish to supplement their ends of the month by practicing breeding, declares Stéphane Lamart, in a press release from hurry. I think that this time, they reached saturation point by not finding takers. It is time to practice the sterilization of these animals, associations can help with this. »


At the hearing, the defendant completely denied the facts. “She gave several convoluted versions, deplores the lawyer for the civil party, Mand Patrice Grillon, who recalls that in February 2020, two months before the offending events, the dog already had a litter of three puppies. These animals had been given to an association which had advised him to sterilize his two females and his male to avoid being overwhelmed. She did not do it. During confinement, she found herself with a new litter she didn’t know what to do with. Rather than bottle-feed them, she chose to put them in a closed bag with a double knot! »

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The prosecution requested €1,500 fine and the confiscation of puppies and of the mother. For its part, the association is claiming €2,000 in damages for non-pecuniary damage, and a ban on the defendant from keeping animals. The defense pleaded for the release and restitution of the dog.

the deliberate will be delivered on March 10.

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