Champions of municipal law

Me Mario Paul-Hus and Me Eric Oliver.  Source: Municipal Council Lawyers


Me Mario Paul-Hus and Me Eric Oliver. Source: Municipal Council Lawyers

You don’t pretend to be an expert in municipal law. There are about a hundred municipal laws, consisting of 800 to 900 technical articles. Not to mention the changes inherent in any new parliamentary session, as well as case law. In short, there is something to lose his Latin!

“We can therefore naturally understand that lawyers, even if they evolve in large firms, cannot master this specialty. It took me seven to eight years of assiduous practice in this field myself to achieve this”, confirms Me Mario Paul Hussenior partner of Municonseil lawyers, a boutique law firm which, as its name suggests, has made municipal law its priority.

A leading team in municipal law

Me Mario Paul-Hus.  Source: Municipal Council Lawyers


Me Mario Paul-Hus. Source: Municipal Council Lawyers

Given that only a hundred lawyers, out of the 28,000 who practice in Quebec, are specialized in municipal law, one suspects that the expertise of the team of 10 lawyers formed by Me Paul-Hus is very valuable.

Himself “fallen into the pot” as of his studies, this member of the Bar of the year 1981, also endowed with a DESS in administrative law, devotes a real passion to this very particular branch of law.

“I have always been drawn to politics, but it was while working for Hébert Denault, then Fasken Martineau for 27 years that I really learned to love the variety and complexity of municipal law. You won’t get bored at all in this area, that’s for sure! he admits with a smile.

Mr Eric Oliver.  Source: Municipal Council Lawyers


Mr Eric Oliver. Source: Municipal Council Lawyers

With such a track record, Me Mario Paul-Hus knows how important good people around him are for the success of a firm like Municonseil. Evolving today mainly as a consultant, the lawyer has thus joined forces with Mr. Eric Oliver, a formidable litigator who has distinguished himself before the courts of first instance, the Quebec Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. As Me Paul-Hus describes it, “He is our head of litigation in the firm, and our valiant knight always ready to fight great battles at Court”.

The other lawyers in the firm, partners or not, have been carefully chosen on the basis of specialties intrinsically linked to municipal law: labor law, real estate law, construction law, land development, health law, taxation; as many materials as necessary to cover all the possible fields of intervention with which Municonseil is confronted on a daily basis.

A wide variety of legal cases

Municonseil manages an average of more than 200 files each year. In summary, he is not idle! But in which spheres does it generally intervene?

“It can be the defense of municipalities, of course (Municonseil represents about twenty). But also elected officials or civil servants who have disputes with bodies. For example, we successfully represented the former mayor of the Montreal borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Sue Montgomery, who was cleared after two years of prosecution for all ethical tasks. , relates Me Paul-Hus.

The firm also stands out in many cases related to real estate law, particularly when developers want to make agreements with a city or contest a tax, or even when defending the rights of citizens or entrepreneurs.

“We recently succeeded in having the City of Montreal ordered to pay two million dollars in damages to a snow removal contractor who had been deprived of contracts because of an over-the-counter agreement behind his back,” says the ‘lawyer.

It is therefore with great confidence that small or large firms refer part or all of a municipal law file, regardless of its degree of complexity, to Municonseil.

“They know that the interests of their clients are in good hands with us,” concludes Me Mario Paul-Hus, who intends to ensure that this firm maintains its status as a champion in municipal law in Quebec for a very long time. A very valuable resource.


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