Charleroi: an abandoned dog… as soon as he left the SPA

The cohabitation not going well, they decided to recontact the former owners in order to restore them. They categorically refused.

Regrettably, animal shelter officials refused entry to the dog as no more places were available.

“We then contact the owner listed on the chip, explaining that it is forbidden to give on social networks and that he is still the legal owner. Following our call and contact with the people who had adopted the dog , the former owner decides to go take it back but in the afternoon what was our astonishment, when a person brought us a dog found in the street who was none other than the morning Shiba. and especially how sad for this animal which is first given on the internet and then released in the street at the risk of being run over by a vehicle,” communicates the SPA.

Two days later, the SPA contacted the police to give them the file. We bet that the adoption permit will avoid similar cases.


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