Chaumont wins its first Coupe de France by beating Tours in the final

Five years after its first title in Ligue A, Chaumont has unlocked its record in the Coupe de France. Saturday evening in Paris, the players of Silvano Prandi overcame Tours in a final concluded in the tie-break (25-20, 21-25, 25-23, 22-25, 19-17). Tours had believed to win the match at 17-15 but the video refereeing invalidated the point of the TVB (ball touched by Derouillon). Chaumont did not miss this second chance. A release for the Haut-Marnais after the finals lost in 2018 and 2019.

Terrible false hope for the TVB

Difficult to do more cruel for the people of Touraine. After a Chaumont blockout at 16-15 in favor of Tours in the tie-break, the entire workforce of Marcelo Fronckowiak melted on the floor, believing to celebrate the 11th Coupe de France in the history of TVB. But the video refereeing came to inflict an icy shower on the leader of the Championship.

Pierre Derouillon had, by reflex, touched the ball returned by the Marne block. Point reversed and at 16-16, Chaumont did not miss his chance. Irresistible throughout the match, the sharp Cuban Jesus Herrera took matters into his own hands. Two victorious attacks to offer his club the first Coupe de France in its history.

Beaten in the final in 2018 then in 2019, Chaumont had been circling the trophy for several seasons and succeeds Poitiers, crowned (on green carpet) in 2020. Dolphins of Tourangeaux in the Championship, the Haut-Marnais relied on their 100% Cuban trio Herrera-Melgarejo-Gutierrez, aggressive in service and incisive in attack (62 cumulative points).

Missing out on their first final this season, against Monza in the CEV Cup (0-3, 0-3), TVB put in a set before entering this one. With Pierre Derouillon (22 points) in the sharp position, Marcelo Fronckowiak’s team regained efficiency in the block and took advantage of each Chaumont error in service.

Returning to two sets everywhere on a victorious attack by Dmytro Teryomenko, Tours defended the first match point in the final, at 13-14. Luciano Palonsky found the fault diagonally to put the two teams in a tie. A Chaumont net foul later, and the TVB offered themselves a first match point, saved by Herrera (34 points). Then a second, after a fault in the service of the sharp Cuban. A Coupe de France ball, until the fateful intervention of video arbitration.

Dejected, the Tourangeaux had to climb on the podium to receive the small cup devolved to the finalist, some in tears like Luciano Palonsky. Others angry, like the smuggler Gary Chauvin: “I do not thank the Federation for the organization of this Coupe de France: we moved three times, for 3,500 kilometers after the final of the European Cup. » The TVB will have one last card to win a trophy: the Championship play-offs which start on April 8, with the quarter-finals.


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