Check out this viral video of a duck running on a treadmill, it’s so cute…

A duck caused a stir on social media after jumping on a treadmill and doing the “ moonwalk“, the famous dance step of Michael Jackson. The video has gone viral on social media, including TikTok.

How is it possible ? According to the footage, first shared by user Li Ming, the duck climbs onto the treadmill and begins to back up as the machine’s tape moves forward. In this way, it seems to perform a step very similar to the moonwalk.

Also, the video features the song Billie John in the background. It is with this song that Michael Jackson began his legendary step. He did it at the Motown 25 event: Yesterday, Today, Forever in 1983.

Social media is a platform where you can see very viral videos of birds and today we bring you one of those crazy fitness duck videos that is very adorable. Ducks are birds that are also called birds aquatic because they are usually found in places like swamps, oceans, rivers, ponds, and lakes where there is water. Today’s video of a duck running on a treadmill will compel you to watch it over and over again.

In this 14-second video, the duck is seen standing near the treadmill and slowly climbing on it to start running. Social media users are very fond of this video and call the duck a fitness freak. Although it is not yet known where the video came from, those who watch it find it very cute.

Don’t miss the duck video:

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