And to think that all of this almost never happened. “Before the match, Benzema could not find his pass to enter the stadium. I told him: ‘Hurry up or you won’t be able to play’. Luckily he got his hands on it“The anecdote, entrusted to our colleagues from Amazon Prime, is signed Carlo Ancelotti. The Real coach knows what he owes to his French striker and we understand his slight panic when he realized that he could have played a Champions League quarter-final without him.

Because you have to understand what Benzema weighs, 37 goals in 36 matches, at Real this season. On one leg at the Parc des Princes, he had left Real limping in Paris but, back on his feet, he had settled the fate of the Parisians on the return. This Wednesday, at Stamford Bridge, we saw him again. Three weeks after expelling PSG manu militari from the Champions League with a hat-trick, he put it back on the lawn of Chelsea. Three goals, again, and a new masterclass to dazzle Europe.

Champions League

“Hurricane”, “Big Ben”: The European press at the feet of “King” Benzema


“For Benzema, the timing for a possible Ballon d’Or seems excellent”

Surprised they’re not already writing Benzema’s name on the Ballon d’Or

How to describe Karim? I no longer have the wordslaughed Ancelotti who makes the same observation every week. It improves every day like good wine. He is more and more a leader in the team, in the group and I think that is the biggest difference. He shows his personality more, he knows he is very important to us and he is an example for all“.”Big Ben“, headlined Marca in a clever pun that gives thanks to the gigantic performance of the hero of the evening.

Now Benzema has 11 goals in the Champions League, a first for a Frenchman in the competition, in just 8 appearances. Robert Lewandowski, beaten at Villarreal at the same time, is only one length away. And his candidacy for the Ballon d’Or, which will be awarded this summer before the World Cup, has never looked so solid: “I’d be surprised if they weren’t already writing Benzema’s name on the Ballon d’Or“, has already commented Rio Ferdinand.

Finally, there is only the former Lyonnais to keep a cool head when commenting on his evening performance. “All three goals are important goalshe confided to our colleagues from Canal Plus. I’m happier to have put the third, because I missed one in the first period, and I was still thinking about this missed opportunity. We will do everything to win the return match which will be very important.“If Benzema is in full possession of his means, Chelsea will leave with a serious handicap. The French international is simply far too strong this season.

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Champions League

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Champions League

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