Choosing the right car insurance


The first thing to do before choosing car insurance is to choose your insurer carefully. Fanny Guinochet’s advice.

franceinfo: How to go about it Fanny, this choice often requires being well oriented?

Fanny Guinochet: Choosing the right insurance is the priority, by comparing offers, by asking for quotes. It’s time-consuming, not always easy because several criteria come into play. It will depend on your driver profile – your age, your license seniority – whether or not you have had any claims. But there are very useful free comparators on the Internet – les,, le lynx, lecomparateurassurance.

If you have had insurance for a long time, do not hesitate to change, to reassess your needs. For example, you may have gotten into the habit of using your car less etc. Moreover, if you drive little – less than 6,000 km/year – there is “little rider” insurance and it’s worth looking at.

Then it all depends on your car?

Yes, it all depends on the model, parking mode, mileage too. For example, today, more and more French people are turning to second-hand goods. And in this case, suddenly, it is not necessary to take out comprehensive insurance.

Taking out third-party insurance may be sufficient, this means that you are mainly covered if you are responsible for an accident, you benefit from civil liability cover, but not for the rest, this may be sufficient, when your car is not worth much more..

Be careful however, we remind you that taking out insurance is compulsory, even for an old vehicle, or one that is not in circulation. Driving without insurance is a crime.

The hardest part is always for young people?

Most insurance companies apply a premium to new drivers, considered to be the most at risk. Remember, the price of insurance is based on the estimated risk of accident, and according to statistics, young people have more than seniors.

But if you went through accompanied driving, it is often taken into account by insurers. Mention it, it will lower the bill. Finally, sometimes, it is better to avoid declaring claims, when they are not too large, not too serious, because it will blow up your deductible, and above all, it avoids penalties.

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