City celebrates the return of a stray dog ​​who had been missing for a week, video


A Mumbai neighborhood can be seen in a video celebrating the safe return of a stray dog ​​who had been missing for a week.

The moment the dog returned to the Indian city is a moment of pure joy, with people shouting and cheering for his safe return. Applause and happy voices can be heard from hundreds of people in the video, including residents of an apartment tower.

In the video, the whole neighborhood is looking for the stray dog.


Then a taxi pulls up and brings someone very special, much to the delight of Mumbai residents, who can be heard waving at him, throwing his arms in the air and cheering.

When the stray dog ​​gets out of the car, he is led off on a leash as more shouts of delight ring out in the background. A woman dressed in pink can be seen holding a dish for the dog before he flees across the road.

She chases the dog, then pets it with a child who is also happy to see the lost dog safe and sound.

The video ends with a man wearing a salmon-colored shirt petting the brown-spotted white dog.

This district of Mumbai, India, celebrates the return of a stray dog ​​that had disappeared. It’s the community.

We can say that everyone loves this animal very much. I’m sure this dog brought a smile to every face. The video went viral in many countries. We love stories like this

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