Cognac: the original announcement of a neo-Charentaise and her dog to find a house

In desperation, Camille chose humor to tell her quest and find the property of her dreams. “We may have energy and desire, but we’ll tell each other, it’s not easy! We have tried real estate agencies, Leboncoin, Marketplace, games on cereal boxes, our family network and friends, even our golden has spoken about it to the other dogs but nothing has been done for the moment.

So if you have a property that may meet our criteria, do not hesitate to send him a private message on his Facebook profile (Camille Ménard). You can also contact Charente Libre on [email protected] who will transmit.

At the end of her original post, Camille adds two humorous postscripts: “PS1: I’m not the best in original advertising but we really want to find our house so I tried something. PS 2: no, we haven’t really gambled on cereal boxes to find a house, we’d like to but that doesn’t exist”.

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