Colmar. A SPA employee bitten by a Rottweiler

The accident occurred on Monday around 9:30 a.m., according to firefighters who went to the Colmar Humane Society (SPA) to evacuate a woman in her twenties to Pasteur Hospital. .

“While this Rottweiler’s box was cleaned like every morning, he was put in a park outside. When an employee, who joined our team a few months ago, went to get the dog in this park to put it back in its box, he jumped on her and bit her on the shoulder, “says an investigator. mistreatment at the Colmar SPA.

A few stitches

The young woman was able to leave the hospital at the end of the morning: “The injury is clearly not serious, there is no operation planned, the wound has been cleaned, disinfected and required the installation a few stitches, we now have to watch her. In addition, the pressure of the jaw resulted in the formation of a hematoma,” adds David Monier.

The mastiff arrived on the Chemin de la Fecht site last week: “He had a somewhat complicated past: we don’t always have all the details but he spent a lot of time locked up, didn’t see a lot of people and probably didn’t have a good education. The canine was in the rehabilitation phase: “A dog trainer had already seen him three days earlier, and still had to work with him. He had not yet been walked by the volunteers, nor offered for adoption. But employees still have to take care of it, and unfortunately there are bound to be some risks…”

“No stubbornness”

As for any dog ​​that bites on French territory, whether it belongs to an individual or a professional, a mandatory protocol is currently in place: “Three visits in fifteen days to the veterinarian – which we have on site – for s ensure that he has no symptoms of rabies, even though he is vaccinated against it”, continues the investigator.

The veterinarian will carry out a behavioral assessment “to determine whether or not the animal is dangerous”, and according to the educator will adapt his work with him: “But he will not be euthanized for a slight injury if he can be rehabilitated. He bit but did not remain closed in his grip, nor did he relentlessly attack several times in succession. Why did he have this reaction at this precise moment? It is to be studied to provide an answer with the canine educator”.

Finally, the SPA investigator stresses that “there should be no preconceptions about Rottweilers, dogs of various breeds and of all sizes bite, including small ones, or Labradors for example if they have had educational problems.

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