Considered an animal rescuer, she reserved a terrible fate for her 58 dogs

This little-known psychiatric illness can wreak havoc in the animal world. The story begins in July, when the 30 Million Friends Foundation receives a very surprising report from a resident of Val d’Oise. According to him, a resident of his small town might be suffering from Noah syndrome, a mental disorder that leads to the accumulation of animals at home without having the ability to properly care for them. The phone call was to about thirty dogs.

After a short investigation that confirmed the individual’s statements, the association’s specialized unit called the Volunteer Animal Brigade (BAB) consisting of nearly 2,000 law enforcement personnel, decides to intervene. After several weeks of dialogue, the owners decided to leave it to the professionals. “At first, this summer, they refused to open the door, but little by little we managed to convince them that this situation was not viable for the animals and that they are suffering because of it. People don’t realize this in the case of Noah syndrome, they still love their animals but they are no longer able to take care of it”Amélie, a BAB volunteer, told Le Parisien newspaper.

Almost 60 dogs lived in their feces inside the house

But once there, the situation was even worse than expected. Inside the house, volunteers found rooms full of animals (…)


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