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Obtaining the BAC, joining the preparatory classes, passing the entrance exams to the Grandes Ecoles or the first year of medicine are key moments in the life of a young adult.

In order to support students in a personalized way on the path to success, Marie Masson has created a unique concept of tutoring that we will discover with her.

Can you introduce yourself ?

Normalian and aggregated, I taught 12 years at Ginette’s PC* preparatory classes and also 12 years at Normale Sup. As an examiner for the Grandes Ecoles competitions for 11 years, I know the many expectations of the most selective courses.

In 2013, the announcement of the reform of the BAC, planning to considerably lighten the program for high school students, particularly in scientific subjects, worries me. In my opinion, this new cut in the program will have the consequence, in the long term, of increasing the shortcomings of students once they arrive in preparatory classes.

Following this reform, I decided to create my own personalized tutoring company specializing in science subjects. I am launching a unique concept of internships and training in order to prepare high school students as best as possible for higher education.

Cours Masson is very well received by students and continues to grow. In 2019, I left the public service to devote myself fully to it.

Who are your tutoring classes aimed at?

Cours Masson is intended for students from the third class to higher education. It is important to specify that our courses are specialized only in scientific subjects.

Two types of student profiles appeal to us: good students who wish to be even better in order to integrate selective courses in a serene way and students in difficulty who want to invest themselves in order to progress.

Personalized support for each student allows them to progress at their own pace and gradually regain self-confidence.

You offer both internships and weekly lessons, tell us?

Cours Masson is divided into two distinct offers: group courses and weekly lessons in small groups of 6 students. If the courses take place during the holidays, the weekly courses take place throughout the different terms.

In terms of internships, we offer:

  • Anticipation courses to allow students to discover the program in advance and thus save time to devote themselves to more difficult exercises
  • Personalized follow-up courses: verification of the good understanding of the concepts, deepening of the notions covered in class, refresher course
  • Preparation courses for competitions or exams (BAC, SAT, Bocconi, Integrated Preparation, Grandes Ecoles competition, PASS/LAS or CPGE) so that students have the best possible chance.

The weekly lessons allow you to provide regular work, depending on the chosen subject, in order to acquire automatisms, to anticipate the program and to have better school results.

Finally, Cours Masson offers a work methodology course. Often, simply explaining the right learning methods to students is enough to make them independent and productive.

Why is your personalized support unique and effective?

The way we design support is unique simply because we do not reduce learning to hours of tutoring, but to the personal work produced by the student. It is important here to emphasize how important the personal work of the students is for the understanding of the courses and the concepts, but also for becoming independent.

For this, even before the start of the internships, refresher exercises are sent to the students. During the internships, homework is to be submitted in writing every evening. These exercises allow me to check the correct appropriation of the concepts and to adapt the lessons according to the students. After each course, unlimited access to course videos is available and a follow-up is set up with the student.

On the other hand, at the end of the preparation courses for exams and competitions, the students leave with a detailed revision schedule, annals and additional course sheets. At Cours Masson, we are committed to long-term follow-up.

Do parents also have a role to play with their children?

Indeed, with Cours Masson, everyone is involved in the student’s success! We are talking about tripartite co-responsibility. Each has a specific role. The student undertakes to work and invest himself by following the recommended working methods, the parents help their children in a benevolent way by checking their homework and Cours Masson is committed to guiding the students towards success!

A word on the progress and results of your students?

All the students who have taken one of our training courses have seen their results improve, resulting in a better academic record and therefore the possibility of entering more selective courses. Our scientific or commercial preparatory courses are highly recommended for all students who wish to enter preparatory classes well equipped.

According to our dedicated courses, we have 100% success in the BAC, 100% obtaining of mention TB and 75% of the students who have followed a preparation course for the first year of medicine are received.

Whatever their starting level, students progress. I have an infinite belief in the potential of each student! As they progress, students regain self-confidence, rediscover a taste for studies and surpass themselves.

A word to conclude ?

The well-being of students is of paramount importance and Cours Masson is committed to providing the right learning methods so that each student reveals his or her potential. It is their future that is at stake! That’s the beauty of my job.

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