After attacking three bikers, two police officers and a gendarme for no reason, the vindictive motorist generously outraged the lawyer who was to assist him during his police custody.

“I came to enjoy the beach”. The judge has another version, he implies that the defendant came “turn green”: “Canet is not the closest beach to your home in Lyon. Your file indicates legal concerns!”

In fact of beach, it is in front of the police station of Perpignan that Brahim benefits from his holidays. He sees three bikers who have just found themselves in the parking lot of the police station before going for a walk. In this place, it can only be police officers on leave. He stops his vehicle in the traffic lane and begins to stare at them. The bikers order him to move forward and start. The driver catches up with them by taking the lane reserved for the bus and stops at their height. “I recognized you, don’t worry”. He gives a swerve which forces the driver to swerve. He catches up to him later. “It will pay off!“And when the trio finds itself in a parking lot, again, it heads towards the bikers to launch forceful invectives. The “17” is warned and the suspect vehicle is found later. The troublemaker is this time a passenger. borrowed a cousin’s car.

“Remember my name, I’ll find you, you’ll pay”

He is arrested. He was driving without a license. He is embarked at the post. He is also accused of violence with a weapon by destination and outrages. His police custody is extended and a lawyer appointed to him arrives. When she tells him that he is going to be referred, he becomes enraged: “Remember my name, I’ll find you, you’ll pay” and a few tirades follow, the poetic content of which we can imagine…

An insult to a person charged with a public mission. He is sent back to court for all of his work. “I freaked out after 30 hours in police custody, but I’m not bad. I just wanted to admire the motorcycles.” The president remains pragmatic: “Yet you must be used to it with 31 mentions on your locker!”

The prosecution is asking for 15 months in prison because the testimonies are consistent and corroborated by the video of the city. This video is of interest to his new lawyer, Mr.and Bonafos: “We see my client giving a swerve, but not to hit the complainant. charge”.

When in doubt, the court indeed released him from this charge, but there were still many others for which Brahim was sentenced to 18 months with continued detention.