Coverd’s mobile insurance has nothing to envy to AppleCare+

With a repair cost of 311.10 euros, the screen of the iPhone 13 is a part that is better not to break. To avoid these costs, insurance exists. Discover the differences between AppleCare+ and Coverd, a French startup that is dusting off the world of insurance.

From left to right: iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini // Source: Apple

The brand new iPhone 13 range is finally available on the market. If you have already fallen for these smartphones – or are waiting for the end of the year celebrations –, taking out insurance may be wise to avoid repair costs in the event of an accident. Especially since for Apple smartphones, they are very high. Count 311.10 euros to replace the screen of the iPhone 13.

It is still necessary to choose your insurance carefully, so that it covers everyday glitches such as falls. Apple has been offering its own for several years now: AppleCare+. But it faces a new competitor: Coverd. This French startup indeed offers non-binding insurance, with a premium service and an advantageous price. Is it better to choose AppleCare+ or Coverd? Here is a comparison.

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What are the differences between AppleCare+ and Coverd insurance?

Although they are relatively similar, AppleCare+ and Coverd insurance have some differences. They are few in number, but important enough to warrant attention. Here are the main things to remember if you want to insure your brand new iPhone 13.

Covered AppleCare+
Price €10.90/month €229/2 years
or €8.49/month
Commitment No 1 or 2 years
Franchise 50 € €29 for the screen, €99 for the rest
Number of repairs Unlimited 2 per year
Theft insurance Yes, optional at €4/month Nope
Authorized repairers Yes Yes

The most noticeable difference is in the level of engagement. It’s simple, at Coverd there is none. You can cancel at any time free of charge. While with AppleCare +, the commitment is one or two years, depending on the choice of a cash or monthly payment.

Other points should also be noted:

  • AppleCare+ is only available for new iPhones within 60 days of purchase. Coverd insures all types of devices, whether new, used or refurbished.
  • Coverd is guaranteed without obligation. While AppleCare + requires a commitment of one or two years, depending on the choice of a cash or monthly payment.
  • Coverd’s deductible is set at 50 euros, regardless of the claim. That of AppleCare + is 29 euros for the repair of the screen, and 99 euros for the rest.
  • On the claims side, AppleCare+ limits the number of repairs to two per year. At Coverd, there are no limitations. Good news for the most clumsy iPhone owners.

In both cases, repairs are carried out by authorized centres. Thus, damaged iPhones benefit from original parts. The two-year legal warranty is also retained, even if the phone had to be opened.

What does Coverd insurance cover?

If you trust insurance, it’s so you don’t live in fear of breaking your smartphone. As such, the warranty offered by Coverd is generous and covers all the little everyday worries. Here are the main claims covered by Coverd:

  • damage from any causesuch as broken or cracked screens, inoperative buttons, out of order speakers, etc.
  • component oxidation following total or partial immersion of the device in a liquid
  • battery wear caused by the natural aging of this component
  • flights assault and break-in, optional at 4 euros per month for an iPhone 13

This last option is another advantage of Coverd against AppleCare + which does not cover flights in France.

iPhone 13: Coverd's mobile insurance has nothing to envy to AppleCare+
Details of Coverd insurance for an iPhone 13 Pro

Top-of-the-line service: how Coverd handles claims

Modern service obliges, Coverd insurance is 100% digital. Thus, to declare a claim, everything is done from your customer area. Unlike other insurers, there is no need to fill out paperwork or spend long minutes on the phone to report a claim. Above all, Coverd strives to find a solution as soon as possible.

iPhone 13: Coverd's mobile insurance has nothing to envy to AppleCare+
Here’s how claims handling works with Coverd

The first thing to do is to declare your claim from your customer area. Once confirmed, Coverd promises to support your smartphone within 24 hours. A period of time that is reduced to a minimum so that customers do not stay too long without a smartphone. The insurer then has two coverage options for the repair:

  • A box is sent to your home. All that remains is to slip the phone inside and then send it to the repair shop.
  • Send your device yourself to a store of the brand of your smartphone. You advance the costs, and Coverd reimburses you within 48 hours of receiving the supporting documents.

In both cases, Coverd offers you a loan smartphone for the time of the repair. And if the product is not repairable, then the insurer replaces it with an equivalent model. On average, the duration of unavailability of the device is between 3 and 5 days, transport included. This makes Coverd a very fast service.

Insure your iPhone 13 from 10.90 euros

Coverd offers smartphone insurance that has nothing to envy to AppleCare+. The French company has the advantage of offering flexible, non-binding coverage. Whether your device is new or used, Coverd allows you to insure it, and without any repair limit.

In the case of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, Coverd’s insurance is displayed at a price of 10.90 euros per month. The subscription is 11.90 euros per month in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max. Finally, the option against theft is charged an additional 4 euros per month.

If you need to try the service before adopting it, know that Coverd offers one month of insurance to Frandroid readers. To take advantage of it, just enter the code FRANDROID1M when subscribing.

Coverd also offers its services for other smartphones as well as Macbooks, at attractive prices:

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