Covid-19. What is this new symptom that can cause blindness?

A team of researchers from Pasadena (California) published Thursday, April 14, 2022 in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology an article presenting a link between Covid-19 contamination and the appearance of retinal occlusions. This new Covid symptom concerning the eyes can lead to partial or total loss of sight, reports Futura. It also continues to confirm the potential impact of SARS-CoV-2 on all organs.

Covid-19 and blood circulation

Covid-19 can indeed cause significant vascular damage to any organ through two phenomena. First, it appeared that this virus could cause blood to clot more quickly and more, resulting in the formation of blood clots that can sometimes critically block circulation in organs.

Then, the virus can also infect endothelial cells, causing a risk of vasculitis, ie inflammation of the vessel walls. All these vessels, regardless of their size, are thus concerned, which can also damage any organ.

A higher number of occlusions after infection

It is this second phenomenon that explains the link identified between Covid-19 and retinal occlusion. To do this, the study’s team of researchers analyzed the symptoms of 432,515 patients who had been infected with the virus and had no history of retinal occlusion for less than six months before the infection.

The results thus revealed a greater number of occlusions of the veins of the eye in patients contaminated with Covid-19 in the six months after infection than in the six months before infection. However, this difference could only be marked for the occlusions of the veins of the eye, and not for that of the arteries of the eye. This symptom remains rare, however, as confirmed by the figures of the study.

Covid-19. What is this new symptom that can cause blindness?

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