Covid Long: What if antihistamines were the long-awaited hope of the 54 million patients suffering from Covid sequelae?

Californian scientists have demonstrated a treatment for Covid Long based on antihistamines, usually used to cure inflammation linked to allergic reactions.

After the pain, the exhaustion and the fog, would there be hope for the patients of Covid Long? While 54 million people around the world suffer from Covid Long, a study published on February 7 by researchers from the University of California at Irvine (USA) demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment based on antihistamines .

The study was initiated and published in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners following an incidental discovery by two patients. While being treated with antihistamines for other ailments, they reported nearly full recovery from Covid sequelae after administration of these drugs.

Resumption of symptoms 72 hours after drug discontinuation

Note that the symptoms of Covid Long returned for the first patient after she had stopped her treatment for 72 hours. His doctor then prescribed him a daily dose of antihistamine which allowed him to regain 90% of his abilities.

Same result for the second patient who has regained 95% of her faculties after this treatment.

The study recalls that no treatment currently exists to treat Covid Long. Antihistamines are one of the avenues studied to finally successfully treat this sequel to Covid, the number of which could explode with the multiplication of cases linked to the Omicron epidemic.

If antihistamines, over-the-counter and inexpensive drugs, represent a strong hope for patients, larger-scale studies will now be carried out to confirm this track. Of course, any treatment must be done under the control of your attending physician.

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