Covid: messenger RNA vaccines protect 17 times more than the natural immunity obtained with an infection, reveals a study

A study recently published in the journal Nature shows that vaccine immunity creates 17 times more antibodies than natural immunity.

A study conducted by the hospital of National Institutes of Health, in Bethseda (United States) looked at the effectiveness of the fight against Covid by the vaccine compared to natural immunity, reports Futura Health. Both are useful but they don’t do it with the same weapons.

Analyzing antibodies from vaccinated and recently infected people, the scientists said that patients who received a dose of messenger RNA had 17 times more anti-RBD antibodies than the others. Anti-RBD antibodies are those responsible for preventing the virus from entering the body, after a first contact with the Covid.

Antibodies 16 times more effective against variants

Vaccine immunity would make them 17 times more numerous but also on average 16 times more effective against variants that carry the N501Y mutation, supposed to increase the transmissibility of the latter. The Omicron variants, or even Delta present precisely this mutation.

In contrast natural immunity would persist for 9 months against only 6 months for vaccine immunityaccording to the tests performed as part of the study.

The study ends by questioning the viability of natural collective immunity in the future, and fears a chain reinfection of those who will only rely on the latter, with the arrival of new variants.

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