Covid – Omicron: first case of the BA.5 sub-variant detected in France

This sub-variant of Omicron was recently detected in France.

Appeared, like its predecessor BA.4, in South Africa, the BA.5 sub-variant contaminated a first patient in France.

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This first French case would have been detected on March 28, in the Center-Val de Loire region.

Placed under surveillance by the World Health Organization, this new mutant of Sars-Cov-2 does not seem to cause more severe forms of the disease. It would also not be more contagious or more lethal than the original BA.1 (Omicron) source.

Its “cousin” BA.4, resulting from a “recombination” of BA.1 and BA.3, is also monitored.

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After South Africa, several cases of BA.5 had already been recorded in Germany, the United States or Portugal.

The BA.2 sub-variant is currently the majority in France.

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