Covid: Omicron’s symptoms last three days less than Delta’s, discover all the differences between the two variants

Symptoms, duration, contagiousness: all about what differentiates the two variants.

If the crisis of covid seems behind us with restrictions abandoned all over the world, the virus itself continues to unfold. And a latest study conducted by the prestigious King’s college in London published in The Lancet lists the differences in symptoms between the Omicron variants and Delta highlighted by ZOE. A participatory application on which patients declare, among other things, their symptoms. More than 63,000 people vaccinated between the ages of 16 and 99 reported their symptoms between June 2021 and January 2022.

Shorter omicron

Result, for those who have a complete vaccination schedule, namely two doses and a booster, the symptoms of Omicron last on average 4.4 days against 7.7 for Delta.

For those who received only two doses, symptoms of Omicron lasted 8.3 days, compared to 9.6 for Delta.

A differential that suggests “a shorter period of contagiousness, which would in turn affect public health policies”according to the researchers.

Additionally, the study found that 17% of Omicron cases lost their sense of smell compared to 53% for Delta. Omicron cases however have a 55% chance of having a sore throat.

This constitutes the major differences in symptoms between the two variants.

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