Cramps when walking, a warning sign of our arteries

DECRYPTION – Behind an apparently benign symptom, a serious illness can be hidden and which testifies to an increased risk for the vessels irrigating the heart, the kidneys, the intestine or the brain.

It’s a painful symptom but it doesn’t seem like much, and we don’t usually worry too much about it. And yet: simple cramps, when they are recurrent, can signal that the arteries are bad…

“Obliterating arteriopathy of the lower limbs (AOMI) is manifested for a long time by a cramp when walking, always appearing for the same distance travelled, called “intermittent claudication”. People rarely die from PAD. But it shows a very increased risk of damage to other arteries, including those that oxygenate the vital organs: heart, brain, kidneys, intestines, etc. explains the Pr Éric Steinmetz, vascular and endovascular surgeon, head of the heart, lungs, vessels center at Dijon University Hospital, and general secretary of the French-speaking Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. “This is why if clogged arteries are found, they must be sought elsewhere in the body, in both men and women, even in the absence of symptoms”…

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