Cruel scam: this scammer from Cameroon defrauds more than… Google strikes!

Nche Noel, from Cameroon, has set up a ruthless ruse that targets the elderly and the most vulnerable.

This scammer sued by Google allegedly used cute photos of purebred basset hound puppies to attract unsuspecting buyers, reports The Sun. People desperate to buy a puppy have fallen for it.

A victim sent $700/£538 in e-gift cards in hopes of having a pet. They were later told they had to shell out an additional $1,500 / £1,153 to cover delivery costs. But the unfortunate never received the puppy. And there are many of them!

Fake puppy sales

“This type of scheme follows a similar scenario to many online scams where malicious actors pretend to be someone they are not to convince victims to give them money for something they will never receive. .”

ESET cybersecurity expert Jake Moore says tapping into the emotions of people interested in a puppy is a classic technique for making a scam work, reports The Sun.

“More support was desperately needed to help vulnerable people spot counterfeits of the genuine artifact,” he said.

Google attacks

The builder took legal action against Nche Noel. Phonandroïd reports that the Mountain View firm accuses it of having conducted a Google Ads campaign to promote its fraudulent sites. In its complaint, Google says AARP, an advocacy group for seniors, alerted the company to this online scam in September 2021.

According to Google, Nche Noel violated the terms of use of several company services (Google Voice, Gmail, Google Ads) by carrying out this scam. The company seeks compensation for damages.

Puppy scam: How to spot it?

According to The Puppy Scammer List, scammers will say the animal is being held in a less accessible location or overseas. They will usually ask you where you live before saying where they are – then they will tell you that they are located on the other side of the country. When you’ve agreed to buy one, they’ll ask you to pay upfront by bank transfer or cash, The Sun points out.

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