Dalma aims to lower the prices of health insurance for animals

Repost of an article published on May 3, 2021

Commit to animal health. This is the ambition of the startup Dalma, founded in early April 2021, which markets insurance aimed at covering all the expenses of dog and cat owners in this area. The offer is intended to relieve the latter, often worried about their animal in these situations which, moreover, sometimes prove to be very costly. To finance its start-up, Dalma raised 2 million euros from Frst and GFC in the wake of its creation. AssurTech promises a responsive service, backed by a reimbursement of all veterinary costs “in 48 hours”.

A market growing by 15% per year

In France, the health budget is estimated on average at 350 euros per year for a dog. A figure that increases every year according to the startup, which argues that “existing animal health solutions are too complex, opaque and expensive”. Accident, illness, vaccine… Almost all care is included in the offer. With a subscription at 22.99 euros per month, Dalma believes that it has fixed “a price defying all competition” – the startup claims a price up to 25% cheaper than what the big groups offer, for example.

“Animals bring us so much happiness on a daily basis that we created Dalma to return the favor” exposes by press release Alban de Préville, co-founder and general manager of the startup, judging that “No one should ever have to choose between the health of their animal and that of their wallet” . And Dalma seems to have a lot to do, because very few animals are covered.

According to his figures, only 6% of dogs and cats were insured in France in mid-2021 – when 40% are in the United Kingdom and even 80% in Sweden. Growth prospects are therefore very strong, especially since the animal insurance market is said to increase by 15% every year in France. Dalma, which claims 10,000 insured animals, says it wants “refine its service according to the future needs of dogs and cats” .

It is in this sense that PetTech gives, alongside its offer, the possibility for owners to exchange “unlimited” with various licensed veterinarians. “What toxic foods should my dog ​​avoid? How to detect the presence of parasites? ” These are all tips on health, well-being or even animal education that can be distilled. As a reminder, animal services have been flourishing for a few years. The potential is there: according to the Facco (Federation of food manufacturers for dogs, cats, birds and other pets), 22 million domestic dogs and cats populate tricolor homes.

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