“Dear Éric Zemmour, I am shocked by your unbearable words about animals”

The French actress, an ardent activist of the animal cause for half a century, wrote an open letter to the presidential candidate in which she denounces the remarks in favor of the hunt of the leader of Reconquest.

In 1962, Brigitte Bardot, then at the height of her fame, campaigned for the painless slaughter of animals. A few years later, under the presidency of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, she defended the baby seals massacred on the ice floe by fur sellers. And today, less than two months before the presidential election, she decided to publicly challenge Éric Zemmour on his positions for hunting.

In an open letter, published on behalf of the Brigitte Bardot Foundationshe addresses the leader of Reconquête, in her direct and accusatory style: “Dear Éric Zemmour, yes, I have followed you since your all (sic) debut this summer. I was proud of your courage, your sincerity and your strength, your intelligence. I am devastated and deeply shocked by the outrageous words you have uttered regarding animals.”

Éric Zemmour’s remarks which provoked the ire of the unforgettable heroine of the Contempt of Jean-Luc Godard, were held by the presidential candidate on February 15 during a political meeting in front of the Mouvement de la ruralité. The essayist who had become a candidate for the Élysée for several months had then affirmed that “hunters are nature lovers“. And he will conclude his speech with a final verdict, in his own way: “I refuse and I will refuse that anyone prohibits you from hunting. The real environmentalists are you.”

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“Hunter commandos with weapons of mass destruction”

Brigitte Bardot has had a holy horror of hunting and hunters for fifty years now, as she recalls in her open letter. For her, Éric Zemmour’s position is a casus belli: “ Why allow hunters to use sophisticated weapons of war to kill a poor helpless animal? These are weapons of mass destruction that are shamefully used by commandos of hunters, who unfortunately also cause human victims…»

The one who was for a long time the most famous French actress in the world, hopes, with this open letter, to put pressure on a candidate whose ideas do not displease her. In this pre-election period, she knows that the animal cause can be a significant campaign argument. And that is why she concludes her accusatory libel with an appeal to the Reconquest candidate: “This is Dear Éric Zemmour, what I wanted to tell you. I hope you get the gist of it and thank me for it!»


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