Diamond, the dog who rings the doorbell every time she wants to enter her house, impressive!

The video of a female dog ringing the doorbell to enter her owners’ house sparked a lot of love on TikTok, with over 4 million views.

“We didn’t get to the door fast enough for her”, jokingly wrote Dorian Davis by posting the images of his pet waiting nervously outside the door.

This dog rings the doorbell when she arrives at her house.

The homeowner retrieved security camera footage that shows Diamond somewhat eager to enter the home. The dog seems truly desperate and stamps in front of the door.

Seeing the dog’s desperation, the negative comments poured in. ” Those little eyes… They don’t see that she’s in pain”; “They took too long to open it and they didn’t even show when they did”; “The person filming can’t open it? », ohwere some of the reactions of those who were outraged upon seeing the video.

Faced with the rain of criticism, Dorian’s wife did not hesitate to respond: “Our girls don’t open the door to anyone unless they know it’s her, but they didn’t know it at the time,” the landlady said visibly angry.

There are also those who found the animal’s reaction funny. “He needs a key urgently”; “He looks like me when I come home and pee my pants,” wrote some users in a playful tone.

To reassure his followersMs Davis posted another recording showing the dog happy and in her home: “Update: she is doing well. We always keep an eye on her when she goes out and does her business”, she added. That’s how it should be.

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