Did an insurance company refuse to pay the life insurance of a Versaillese who died after his vaccination, calling his death a suicide?

The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

Rumor has it that a life insurance company refused to pay a wealthy entrepreneur’s millions of euros in life insurance, believing that his vaccination should be qualified as suicide because of the experimental nature of the vaccine. It’s wrong.


A video shared on social networks in antivax spheres claims that an insurance company refused to pay several million euros in life insurance for a wealthy Versaillese to his family because he died after being vaccinated, which the insurance but also a court would have “legally admitted as a suicide” since the vaccine would be in the experimental phase. The videographer then draws a parallel between the law on the vaccination pass which obliges the French to be vaccinated and the insurance companies which would benefit from this system so as not to have to pay premiums.

At the origin of this video, we find Philippe Weber, a lecturer specializing in Mayan astrology who published several videos expressing his opposition to vaccination against Covid. The information on this wealthy Versaillese does not come from him, since he is only reading a text circulating on social networks, including CheckNews found occurrences from January 2, 2022.

This case, if it is widely relayed by the antivax, does not provide any information either on the identity of this grandfather, or the name of the insurance, or the court concerned.

EU procedure

In March 2021, CheckNews had looked into a similar rumor, already claiming that insurers would refuse to pay the death benefit of life insurance contracts for people who died after having “voluntarily participated in an experiment”, that of vaccination against Covid, then associated with a form of “suicide”. A rumor, obviously imported from Canada, invalidated by all the interlocutors we had at the time.

We first explained that the vaccines against Covid could not be considered experimental. Although the time to produce and market these vaccines has been reduced, they have all been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). And the fact that their marketing authorization is conditional does not mean that the vaccines are always experimental: it is a procedure provided for by the European Union and “specifically designed to enable marketing authorizations as quickly as possible” And this “as soon as sufficient data are available”.

“No impact”

Questioned, moreover, on the impact of a suicide on the payment of a life insurance in France, the Authority of prudential control and resolution (ACPR), body of control of the bank and the insurance in France , told us that “the conditions of the death of the insured have no effect on the payment to the beneficiary of the sums paid on a life insurance contract”, which is a savings product.

The Public Life site indicates for its part that there are only two situations for which the beneficiaries of life insurance designated in the contract do not receive the premiums: if the insured committed suicide during the first year of the contract, or if the beneficiary has been condemned for having voluntarily caused the death of the insured.

With regard to provident products, such as death insurance contracts, “which guarantee the payment of a lump sum in the event of the death of the insured person against the payment of a periodic contribution”, the ACPR explained to us last March that the “exclusion clauses are provided for contractually” while insisting that“in practice, the risks targeted by the exclusions are not very diversified and, to our knowledge, no contract contains clauses which would allow the exclusion as cause of death of the consequences of vaccination, or more generally of taking medical treatment, on the prescription of a doctor’. Contacted again by CheckNewsthe ACPR still refers to the information communicated in March 2021.


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