Did you know ? 10 surprising things to discover about your body

Many secrets are hidden in our body. For example, we’re sure you’ve ever wondered why people get hiccups or how many mosquitoes it takes to drink a person’s blood. Many of these weird body facts have scientific basis. Whether it’s unknown facts or facts from scientific studies, here are 10 incredible facts on the human body that you probably didn’t know about.

Here are 10 incredible facts to know about the human body:

1. You’ve never seen your true face!

You never saw your real face, only photos and your reflection

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2. These two things you can’t do at the same time

You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time.

3. This chemical more effective than morphine

Your saliva contains opiorphin, a chemical 3 times more effective than morphine in fighting pain.

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4. There’s none in your fingers

Your fingers have no muscle. They move only with tendons.

5. Your brain is playing tricks on you

You can see your nose, but the brain pretends it’s not there.

6. Your sense of smell lags behind

Smell is the last sense to wake up when you get up in the morning.

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7. Your body, that fighter

Your body kills an average of 10 (potentially) cancerous cells every minute.

8. Synchronization

Your stomach also flushes when you flush skin

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9. Unique in the world

Just like your fingerprints, your smell is unique in the world

10. Arm Wrestling

You have enough blood in your body to make a nail

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