Diot-Siaci Crédit buys Lindauer & d’Andlau

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Diot-Siaci Crédit announces that it has acquired Lindauer & d’Andlau, a specialist in credit insurance in the Grand Est region. The firm will join the Diot-Siaci Trade Finance (DSTF) BU.

Diot-Siaci Crédit has just finalized the acquisition of Lindauer & d’Andlau, a firm specializing in credit insurance based in Strasbourg (200 client companies for 5M euros in premiums). ” Office will integrate the Diot-Siaci Crédit entity within its specialized business unit Diot-Siaci Trade Finance (DSTF) from June 30, 2022”can we read in a press release.

Although the amount of the transaction has not been disclosed, this operation should enable Diot-Siaci Crédit to strengthen its positions in the Grand Est region. “This 100% acquisition, which aims to develop synergies with the Diot-Siaci group already present in Strasbourg and Nancy, constitutes an important step in the development strategy of Diot-Siaci Crédit in France”specifies the broker

I look forward to the arrival of the firm Lindauer & d’Andlau within Diot-Siaci Credit. This acquisition was motivated by common values ​​and objectives: the know-how required by the exercise of our specialty, the approach centered on the needs of our customers and the responsiveness with which we respond to their requests.s”, Philippe Puigventos, CEO of Diot-Siaci Trade Finance, member of the executive committee.

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