Disappearance of Jordan Renard in Ferrières: volunteer dog handlers on site

The family of Jordan Renard, this young man of 25 who disappeared from his home in Werbomont since Friday, is still without news of him. She appealed to the ASBL ACCRS (Association of search and rescue dog handlers). The team was very responsive and was on Wednesday at 7:30 am at the young man’s home. Seven volunteers, from Sprimont, Andenne, Tohogne, Anthisnes, were present with German and Malinois shepherds. Michel Goossens, head of the ASBL explains: ” Our association, founded in 2013 and made up of volunteers, trains dog handlers to search for and rescue lost or missing people, to support families and competent authorities. .” The non-profit organization works hand in hand with Éric Hardy, an independent dog handler who practices another method, “maintrailing”. “The dog starts from a reference smell, that is to say from a place from which we are certain that the person has left. We must then follow the trail, and follow it .” The other technique is to use hunting dogs. “These do not need a reference scent. They are trained to find any living human being in an area, a quarry, a wood… They are released. The dogs must then be able to travel great distances and “mark “, which means barking at people they meet, until the handler joins them. All the dogs have harnesses and bells to be recognizable. When they run in the woods, the handler dog is supposed to follow him with a second man, who, on the basis of maps and GPS, must identify the covered areas and any clues. A strategy is established and a man remains on duty in the car to coordinate the information.


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