Disappearance of Marion Wagon, 25 years later, the parents’ lawyer speaks: “Their life is ruined”

In the pages of the Dispatch from the Souththis Monday, May 23, 2022, Master Georges Catala shared some secrets about the disappearance of Marion Wagon in November 1996. A tragedy that greatly affected the lives of parents…

Since November 14, 1996, Marion Wagon’s parents have had no news of their daughter.. A court case that, over the years, has still not been elucidated. Only, on the occasion of a documentary on the case broadcast on W9, Tuesday May 24, 2022, the family lawyer returned to this terrible disappearance.

Asked about the feelings of the Wagon couple, Maître Georges Catala returned to their despair. “They are simple and respectful people. I never heard them say mean things about of those in charge of the case“, he first let it be known, before continuing: “If nothing has come out during all this time, it is because the State is responsible, it is no longer impossible that we consider action against the State. They have known excruciating pain, their life is ruined.”

Marion Wagon victim of Grelé?

On April 14, 25 years after the events, the Marion Wagon file was put back on the table by the family lawyer. For the occasion, Master Georges Catala, had agreed to come back on a plausible track to our colleagues from the Dispatch from the South.

Indeed, he had notably returned to the death of François Vérove, better known under the name of “Hail“. As a reminder, this policeman by profession had been found dead at his home. After a DNA expertise, the investigators had thus discovered last September that the latter was the serial killer and rapist they were looking for. A track which, in the eyes of the lawyer, is not to be neglected in the disappearance of Marion Wagon. A hope “irrational“for the parents of the girl who”keeps them upright“.

Photo credits: AFP

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