Discover the 6 best cat breeds to live with children

The cat is one of the most famous and beloved animals in the world. Although their detractors claim they are gruff or too independent, many households own one or several felines to feel the warmth that this animal is capable of giving to a human.

Very present in human societies for millennia, the cat is the great competitor of the dog as far as the number one pet. Over the years, the dog has managed to earn the title of man’s best friend, although feline lovers refuse to give up this category with ease.

Cats can be more affectionate than dogs, although it is true that many felines have a particularly reserved attitude. Despite this, this animal is present in millions of homes around the world thanks to its long-standing relationship with humans.

Companion animals have grown exponentially in recent decades. especially in the Western world. Many people take care of their cats, dogs and others like a member of the family.

In Spain, moreover, progress in the field of animal rights has taken giant steps in recent years. Indeed, the most recent development in this country has been to recognize pets as a member of the family unit. The Civil Code no longer considers them as ” things “ in order to offer this new individual greater protection against possible ill-treatment.

Faced with these advances, many more people have chosen to foster animals in order to enjoy their company. Too, the cat competes on equal terms with the dog thanks to its ease of care due to its great adaptation to life in the house.


There are differences between all breeds of cats. Some are more social, while others are much more independent. Nevertheless, the quality that is sought by most people is that of being friendly with children and integrating easily into a family.

The best cats to live with children

That’s why we’re reviewing the six breeds below that experts say are best suited to living with children and being part of a family. In addition, we describe the main features that make them special.

  • Turkish Angora: this feline is distinguished by its elegance and its affection for humans. In addition, being a very active cat, he plays with most of the people around him, especially children.
  • Siamese: Its social skills and affectionate nature make it an ideal animal to have in a family.
  • Maine Coons: this calm, intelligent and affectionate cat is one of the largest cat breeds in existence. Despite this, they tend to be very docile animals that enjoy being around people.
  • Persian: this superb cat with the characteristic coat rests most of the time, it has a calm personality. That is why experts point out that it is an excellent ally for the family.
  • Himalayan: very playful and obedient, this breed of cat is distinguished by very close relationships with family members and even with other animals.
  • Abyssinian: This cat manages to appear to remain playful throughout its life. Its affectionate and patient character makes it an ideal companion for the children of the family.

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