Disposable vapers in the crosshairs of 60 million consumers

For several weeks, disposable vaporizers have been a real hit, especially with young people under 13. Faced with this trend deemed “dangerous”, 60 million consumers sounded the alarm.

It’s the new fashionable phenomenon in playgrounds. Sold at less than ten euros, puffs, disposable vapes, are attracting more and more teenagers to the chagrin of parents and health professionals. Their flashy colors, enticing flavors and ridiculously low price make them the perfect new toy for middle and high school students.

But be careful because these disposable vapers are not trivial. Contrary to popular belief, they sometimes contain nicotine, enough to quickly develop an addiction. And if this indication is clearly visible on some products, it is not on all, as recalled by a mother whose words were relayed by 60 million consumers.

“My 12-year-old son, in sixth grade, got a disposable e-cigarette from another student. It said there was 20 mg/ml of nicotine, but the font is tiny, you can hardly see it”, she explained regretting that no indication of the risk of addiction is mentioned. “I don’t understand why there isn’t at least one symbol on the object that indicates the dangerousness of the product.”

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An ecological disaster?

Another concern shared by 60 million consumers is e-liquids. With or without nicotine, they contain many aromas whose effects, after inhalation, are still unknown. Finally, these disposable vapes are ecologically shocking. Although it is imperative to throw them in the recycling center or in the boxes for used batteries or electronic waste, many believe that teenagers will not have the reflex to do so.

For health professionals, these products, resold under the coat in playgrounds, can be dangerous and constitute a gateway to tobacco. And although the sale to minors is prohibited, many of them have admitted to having obtained it from tobacconists without any difficulty. It is also easy to circumvent this prohibition on Internet sites. Caution is therefore called for…

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