do dogs wreak havoc?



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C.Vérove, G.Baslé V.Vermot-Gaud, F.Dumont, P.Goldmann – France 2

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They have multiplied in recent years. The dogs and their dog sitters are increasingly present on French trails. At the risk of wreaking havoc?

It is a profession that is attracting more and more vocations. That of dog sitter, the nanny for dogs. This consists of going for a walk with the animals company versus remuneration. And these walks are usually in the woods. Butcohabitation with walkers is far from simple. The dog sitters sometimes arrive with 6 to 8 dogs, a pack. This is the case of Gaëlle Millet. She walks dogs forest but ensures that she knows how to hold them, especially when it comes to letting runners and cyclists pass.

For the past two years, these dog nannies have been multiplying on French trails. To the chagrin of walkers. When I see dogs, I try to avoid them“, explains one of them. Another believes that “eight is a pack! For Pierre Desnos, this is a problem. The president of the Friends of the Forests of Versailles association and False Reposes estimate that “people walk in a big bowling alley, where the dogs are a bit the masters”.

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