Do you have these pimples on your skin? It says something important about your health

Did you know that acrochordons are small pimples of skin or more precisely bits of flesh? These sometimes appear on the neck and should not be confused with moles. To inform you, this little piece of flesh on the neck gives you more than 345,000 results on the internet. We give you the explanations on this irregularity of the skin then the techniques to get rid of it.

Pimples: what is a skin tag?

Skin tags can be bothersome but are not dangerous. They become annoying when they are too bulky and unsightly. Precisely, for some people, these pimples can even be a complex. Scientifically they are called molluscum which means maple knot. In other words, it says it’s raised and sticks to the base.

Skin specialists refer to these small pimples on the skin in another way. For the latter, these are pedunculated warts, meaning hanging warts. Because of this, they have a trunk and a base, and hang outwards. They are also called skin nipples.

What is its origin ?

These skin pimples can appear on different parts of your body. For example in the neck, in the back, under the armpits, at the level of the groin or on the eyelid. And it doesn’t matter what name you give them. In truth, these are areas where you have skin folds. They can be present in large numbers. In addition, they have different colors that range from dark brown to light pink. Their volume is also very variable. Dermatologists aren’t sure where these skin growths come from, but heredity may play a role. Notice, members of the same family often have them. The older you get, the more you can see these pimples appear on your skin.

Experts have nevertheless made various assumptions. There is indeed a disorder of the sebaceous glands which could cause skin tags to appear. These are the glands found under the skin that produce sebum or oil. In addition, contact with your clothes can make them increase or also a problem with insulin or in case of hypertension. But, unfortunately, there is not yet enough data to confirm its main causes.

How do we remove these buttons?

As you probably know, you should never believe everything you say on the internet. Indeed, there are sites that explain that these buttons would be caused by the papillomavirus. Surely it is not. Acrochordons are sometimes confused with condyloma which are warts located in particular on the genital areas. It is always advisable to go consult a dermatologist. The latter will be able to give you a reliable diagnosis, because, usually, many confuse them with moles, especially when they are dark.

On the other hand, if it is really skin tags, there is no need to worry. You can be in the insurance, because it is quite benign. The only negative is that they are sometimes annoying and hurt. At the level of the neck, for example, your hair and your jewelry can get caught in it. These skin pimples can grow, become inflamed and even bleed. Also, for people who dream of having smooth and united skin, it’s a miss.

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