Do you like cats? These nine video games should please you

While the game Stray was released, where the player embodies a cat, an overview of video games allowing you to embody or interact with these domestic felines.

Since this Tuesday, July 19, players can finally put their paws on stray. The game invites you to embody a cat and walk around a city populated by robots. But this is not the only title to feature a feline. We have selected nine games to spend your nine lives in.

Most immersive: Stray

stray is aptly named. In English, it means “to wander”, or “to wander”. This is exactly the goal of the game developed by the French from BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. In the skin of a cat, you find yourself in the middle of a village populated by robots. As the encounters progress, the player is given missions. All while collecting items that, brought to the right people, unlock new parts of the story. Walks on the roofs, meows and paws punctuate the adventure in a cyberpunk universe.

The Stray video game.
The Stray video game. © Annapurna Interactive

The most classic: The Sims Dogs and Cats

It has become a habit since the release of Sims 2: Pets in 2006. Each opus of the Electronic Arts life simulator now has the right to its extension introducing pets. The Sims 4 is no exception to the rule with Dogs and Cats. It is possible to create all kinds of felines (and canines). But above all, the player will be able to interact with him by walking him, throwing him the ball or simply cuddling him. This expansion also allows your Sim to become a veterinarian.

The most nostalgic: Little friends Dogs & Cats

Those who experienced the release of the Nintendo DS will remember the Nintendogs game. Little Friends Dogs & Cats (published by FireShine Games) is undoubtedly its successor on Switch. As in the original title, the player adopts animals there. You then have to train them, walk them and even take part in competitions. But this new version adds functions such as the purchase of clothes, leaving the field free for all the extravagances.

It is possible to disguise your dogs and cats.
It is possible to disguise your dogs and cats. © FireShine Games

Most Immersive: Animal Shelter Simulator

Animal Shelter Simulator puts the player in the shoes of a refuge manager. The objective is then to take care of the animals collected while waiting to find them a new home. The game developed by Games Incubator offers various tasks to perform with abandoned dogs and cats. It will be necessary in particular to take care of the animals, to clean them or to play with them. But it will also go through the cleaning of the cages and the improvement of the refuge.

Most Entrepreneurial: Cat Cafe Simulator

Again, it’s about management. But this time, it is the owner of a cat bar that the player embodies. Developed by Roost Games, Cat Cafe Manager won’t leave you time to pet the felines. It will be necessary to renovate the bar, decorate it, enlarge it and hire labor to satisfy the customers, both human and cat.

Darkest: Blacksad: Under the Skin

Adapted from the comic of the same name, Blacksad: Under the Skin tells an unpublished adventure of the detective cat created by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. Published by the French Microids, the title begins with the death of the owner of a boxing club and the disappearance of one of his rising stars. All while plunging the player into the gloomy atmosphere of New York in the 1950s.

Blacksad: Under the Skin
Blacksad: Under the Skin © Microids

Most Creative: House Flipper – Pets DLC

With expansion Farts, house pinball (developed by Frozen Way) maintains its basic concept: cleaning, renovating and decorating dwellings. But now, it is possible to arrange a country house for animals thanks to cushions, sofas or play facilities. Dogs, cats, but also rabbits, turtles or parrots thus benefit from a cozy nest.

Most relaxing: A building full of cats

Devcats is not an ordinary studio. Based in Ukraine, he focuses on the development of games exclusively dedicated to cats. Their third title, A Building Full of Cats, is a game of hide and seek where the player will have to find cats hidden in a building. Each floor of the building constitutes a level with a total of 300 felines to unearth.

Most Graphic: Nine Sols

Developed by RedCandleGames, Nine Sols offers a rich story in a whimsical 2D universe drawn entirely by hand. Scheduled for next year, the game leaves no time to purr. Players can already expect a demanding game with a combat system based on dodging and parrying.

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