You find that your cat is behaving strangely and following you everywhere you go. It’s a reality: your cat sticks to you everywhere! When you go to your kitchen, when you go to the toilet and even when you want to go to bed, and sometimes it can get in your way.

Why is your cat a real glue pot? Here are some explanations.

A cat with his master

A cat with its master – Source: spm

What are the reasons why your cat follows you everywhere?

“Every morning my cat meows melodically as it follows me from the bedroom to the kitchen and rubs its furry tail against my pajama bottoms. He follows me into the bathroom and watches me intently as I brush my teeth. He even follows me into the bath. A little scary, I admit, but that just means he loves me… right? »

If you think that when your cat follows you, it is completely related to you, you are wrong. Here are 5 reasons why your cat follows you everywhere:

  1. Compassion

Cats today are increasingly socialized, especially certain breeds.

Most cat owners see their cats as companions and considered members of the family. Conversely, your cat may feel the same way and simply enjoy being with you.

  1. Hunger

A very common reason for your cat following you around is because it is hungry, especially when accompanied by a few loud meows.

You can be sure that your cat will follow you because he is hungry if this takes place in the kitchen and if he e.g. follows you at noon.

A meowing cat

A meowing cat – Source: spm

  1. Curiosity

Some cats are more curious than others and like to know what their owners are doing. Our lives are very different from theirs and they may seek entertainment by seeing what you do during the day.

This can be especially the case if you are entering premises where they are not normally allowed, such as an office. Your cat may just be curious to explore this new space.

  1. To get your attention

Your cat may just be crying out for attention. Cats love to give a little “hello, I’m here” meow if we walk into a room and aren’t paying attention to them.

If you are doing other activities and have neglected your cat for a while, he may start following you to remind you that he exists and wants you to spend some time playing with him.

Cat playing in a cat tree

Cat playing in a cat tree – Source: spm

  1. Boredom

Especially indoor cats can get bored easily. In the wild, cats spent their time hunting and exploring. An indoor cat does not have many opportunities to hunt, so it has a limited world to explore.

To keep your cat happy, it is important to provide an environment where your cat is mentally and physically stimulated.

Cats need activities to replace those they could have in the wild and start following you everywhere. Your cat may be particularly prone to doing this if you have been away from home for several hours.

Your cat no longer has any secrets from you when he sticks to you in every room of the house, you now understand this behavior much better!

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