Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot Won’t Stop Cuddling Rescuers

Dog: If there is one thing that characterizes the handsome Clarence, it is that he treats others with great love, in the hope that they will do the same in return. This Sweet Golden Retriever Mix 4-year-old has one thing on his mind: hug everyone he meets and steal their hearts.

Unfortunately, Clarence had never known the comforts of a home, as his previous owners kept him in their garden. Worse still, they then decided to take him to a Walmart parking lot and dump him there, not caring what would happen to him.

There, the sweet little dog found two other abandoned dogs, a German Shepherd and a little Chihuahua, and started following them.


Abandoned dog in parking lot is rescued

The dogs became his new family, but one day the city animal control captured Clarence and his German Shepherd friend. Staff decided to contact Clarence’s owners, but they refused and would not take him in, so they put him on the euthanasia list.

Fortunately, a rescue center located in the state of New Jersey, United States, intervened just in time. The rescue center was able to get Clarence and his German Shepherd friend out, and they brought them to their premises to find them a forever home.


Although Clarence had a rough start to life, he didn’t resent humans, instead he clung to his saviors.

Center staff wrote on Facebook:

“He is sweet, kind and so grateful to be safe with us. He reminds us of the sun and we love his personality. It is bright, warm and brings light to those who meet it. »

The adorable dog has proven to be a particularly loving animal and gets along well with everyone he meets, including cats.


Cat Suzuki, founder of the shelter, says:

“He’s an angel, literally. He just wants to be by your side. »

Clarence was sent to Georgia City, Georgia to find him a new home so he could finally start a new chapter in his life.

Volunteers say the family that adopts Clarence will be very lucky because they will will bring much joy and love. They also said that he will do very well with the people around him, as he likes to be the center of attention and show them how much he loves them.


Cat added:

“He is really very cuddly, so a very tender and present companion for him would be ideal”.

His dream finally came true. Indeed, a loving family decided to give him the opportunity he was waiting for. No doubt Clarence was eager to meet his new home and hug his new family.


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